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J.T. Hunter is a best-selling true crime writer whose works include The Vampire Next Door: The True Story of the Vampire Rapist (2014); Devil in the Darkness: The True Story of Israel Keyes (2016); A Monster of All Time: The True Story of Danny Rolling, the Gainesville Ripper (2018); Tortured With Love, The True Crime Romance of the Lonely Hearts Killers (2020); and American Monster: the Search for the Sunset Killer (2022).  


All of JT's books are available in ebook and paperback at his Amazon author page: Click here to view them



As a true crime author, JT strives to craft compelling narratives that educate and inform, while treating victims and their families with empathy and respect. J.T. has been interviewed for true crime documentaries broadcast in the United States, Canada, and Europe, and he has appeared on numerous true crime radio shows and podcasts. In his role as a college professor, J.T.’s teaching interests include creative writing and criminal psychology. He practiced law as a licensed attorney for nearly 15 years, including criminal law and appeals, and he has significant training in criminal investigation techniques.


If you know of a true crime that might make a compelling story, please contact JT at jthunter814@gmail.com or via the Contact page on this website.